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Won’t I get the best, most advanced solution from a large name-brand company?

Sometimes companies may try to convince you to buy a farm tractor when all you really need is a lawn mower. Our values dictate that we design and create products using the most cost-effective and technologically appropriate for you. We won’t try to get you to pay for expensive tools when you simply don’t need them.

Fern River has an experienced technical staff that can build award-winning web sites, construct complicated relational databases, process complicated data, create PC-based tools, develop software requirements, perform testing procedures, and create stunning graphics. Many projects combine many of these areas.

Our specialty at Fern River is the creation and maintenance of large, database-driven websites. If your project is small, we are also just as comfortable creating stylish but simple information pages using a content management system that you can easily update and maintain yourself. Whatever the size and scope, we understand that there are common goals for all sites that include the ability to:

  • Navigate easily though the site content to locate desired information,
  • Communicate relevant information to target audiences,
  • Highlight elements that make your website (and products if applicable) unique,
  • Display content in a way that is visually interesting, and
  • Encourage repeat visits.

Our staff at Fern River has the technical expertise and the design know-how to accomplish nearly any web-based and many-PC based tasks.


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