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If you ask any education or training professional what is the best way to deliver training content, you may get a variety of answers, including some that use industry jargon and acronyms.

Deciding how to deliver content in the most efficient and effective manner will vary depending on many inputs: time, budget, location of learners, and how comprehensive the program. At Fern River, we help you decide what solution best meets your needs – and we’ll even throw in the jargon if it makes you feel better.

Delivery methods may include the following.

Instructor Facilitated
(Synchronous – that’s an industry term)

  • Classroom
  • Live Distance via Web
  • Videoconference
(Asynchronous – that’s another industry term)

  • Web-based
  • Computer-based

And, of course, it’s likely that we’ll combine methods for the most impact. (That’s “blended” in industry jargon.)

For each of the facilitated delivery methods, we produce comprehensive learner workbooks, instructor notes, and electronic support materials.

Engagement Methods

The most successful learning environments include immersion and engagement for the learner. At Fern River, we know that retention is only gained through repetition and interaction. In particular, we focus on three types of interaction:

  • Role play,
  • Interactive Software, and
  • Gaming.

Role Play

Taking on a new role gives the participant an opportunity to model behavior and actually engage in the activity we are trying to simulate in the classroom. Highlights of this method include the ability to:

  • Act out roles to represent a situation;
  • Provide greater sensitivity to the experiences of other persons in a situation;
  • Provide participants an opportunity to analyze social dynamics that occur; and
  • Allow you to see the situation from perspectives other than your own.

Interactive Software

We have found that the best way to teach new software or a business process is to actually practice using the software and the process. In some instances, however, it is not possible or feasible to use the live or actual software. For these situations, we develop software simulations or other computer-based activities that illustrate a business process.


As a child you learned the rules of games through practice and play. Over time you probably mastered the game and had fun doing it. As adults, we still learn the same basic way and gaming provides the same fun and safe environment to learn new things. Most of life’s lessons can be found in games that provide a forum for:

  • Questions, mistakes and involvement of senses;
  • Feedback and reinforcement;
  • Challenge, involvement and relevance; and
  • Doing: simulation and cognitive apprenticeship.


Fern River uses a time-proven process model for creating effective and engaging learning solutions. Learn more…

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